KG电子很高兴地宣布,Steve Beck被任命为质量控制经理.


在他的新角色中, Steve将与公司运营部门密切合作,负责所有当前和未来项目的QA/QC方面. His responsibilities include but are not limited to: Attending initial site inspection meetings and completing site surveys; creating design assist agendas and existing condition resolution item checklists related to final design coordination; attending the design assist calls and be a resource to the project team; providing guidance, 方向, and assistance for the resolution of difficult project design issues; assisting in RFI creation with an emphasis on design solutions; analyze design for conflicts and provide problem solving items; understanding the design standards and applying them to the design assist program to assist the design group to create a final IFC drawing set; assisting in code compliance review as it relates to obtaining the TCO and CO; and exhibiting personal behavior that demonstrates commitment to safety.




KG电子欢迎新的质量控制经理Steve Beck
KG电子很高兴地宣布,Steve Beck被任命为质量控制经理.   在他的新角色中,史蒂夫将穿着衣服工作... 阅读更多
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