jooliet, IL(2022年4月4日)—KG电子 has completed the ground-up construction of the first new 卡西迪最好的轮胎 & 服务 automotive center following the recently formed alliance between 卡西迪轮胎 and 最好的一个轮胎 & 服务.


新19,000平方英尺的设施, 由酮的合作伙伴开发, 是在查汉路3100号吗, 在乔利埃特的岩石溪物流中心, 伊利诺斯州.


The building at 3100 Channahon was constructed on an approximately three-acre site within the logistics center that is owned by 酮的合作伙伴. The new automotive center is constructed of precast material and features 20 drive-in doors, 10个服务舱和1个,000平方英尺的办公空间. 该地块包括9个停车位和7个拖车停车位.


在这个位置,卡西迪最佳一号轮胎 & 服务将提供卡车和汽车轮胎的工作, 并适用于各种大小车辆的一般维修, 包括汽车, 卡车及牵引车拖车.


在秋季有了突破性的进展, a scheduled early 2022 delivery and the typical late Fall/early winter weather, 施工团队的重点是快速进入市场,赖安·雷曼说。, 项目经理, KG电子. “We successfully navigated that and were able to deliver the project in time for the planned opening.”


Rock Creek Logistics Center is a 263-acre business and logistics center that offers direct access to Interstate 80 via Houbolt Road and Interstate 55 via Route 6. The center is adjacent to the future Houbolt Road extension and Des Plaines River Bridge. Adjacent to the building now under construction for Cassidy Best-One is a travel plaza being planned by 酮的合作伙伴. 考虑到经过乔利耶特的卡车和汽车的通行水平, this location represents a great growth opportunity for 卡西迪最好的轮胎 and 服务.


该项目上的Krusinski建设团队包括Michael Metz, Project Executive; Ryan Lehman, 项目经理; Ed Zygowicz, Senior Project Superintendent; Josh Peterson, Project Engineer; and Erin Anderson, 项目协调员. 项目团队包括Cornerstone Architects和architect and Jacob & 赫夫纳协会担任土木工程师.



酮的合作伙伴, LLC是一家提供全方位服务的房地产开发公司, management and advisory company with national experience in the acquisition, 商业开发与管理 & 农业属性. 利用其个人, 专业的房地产开发经验, Ketone maximizes the financial returns of projects by actively managing the real estate planning, 允许, 投标, 融资与建设流程. 欲了解更多信息,请访问



卡西迪轮胎, 属于埃亨家族, 是1914年在芝加哥地区建立的吗.Cassidy currently has 15 locations, 专门从事零售, 商业, 和工程业务. 欲了解更多信息,请访问



最好的一个轮胎 & 服务, owned by the Zurcher Family, is based out of Monroe, Indiana and began back in 1948. Best-One在28个州拥有超过250个网点,为客户提供服务, 专门从事零售, 商业, 农业, 和工程业务. 欲了解更多信息,请访问



成立于1973年, KG电子 is a leader in providing comprehensive construction services by creating long-lasting partnerships. KG电子 delivers solutions to complex building projects in the 芝加哥 metropolitan area with national reach in a wide-range of industries. KG电子是美国能源协会的活跃成员.S. 绿色建筑委员会,是Citadel集团的创始成员, an alliance of seven “best-of-class” regional construction-related companies in 17 cities that have affiliated to serve the needs of national clients. 有关KG电子的更多信息,请访问




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